This 16 digit number uniquely identifies every piece of property within the county for tax purposes. The parcel ID number is broken down as follows:

Example: 16-09-31-3-004-019.003

  • 16: Locator – this number is derived from the township and range of the property. The legend located on every tax map will depict this grid of locator numbers.
  • 09: Area – this number refers the ‘4 section area’ the property is located inside of. See the legend on the map for details.
  • 31: Section – this is the section number
  • 3: Quarter-Section – this identifies the quarter section (i.e. NE1/4=1, NW1/4=2, SW1/4=3, SE1/4=4)
  • 004: Block – some maps are broken down into blocks because of the number of parcels per map, this number identifies which block on the map
  • 019.003: Parcel and sub-parcel – this is the number found on the map. Most often, leading zeros will not appear on the map. (i.e. 19.03)