Estimated tax payments made by check should be submitted with Form PTE-V and mailed to the address provided on this form.  Please Note: Section 41-1-20, Code of Alabama 1975 requires all single tax payments of $750 or more to be made electronically. 


Electronic Payment Options Available:

  • ACH Debit– Taxpayers making e-payments via ACH Debit must have a Sign On ID and Access Code to login to My Alabama Taxes (MAT). Pre-registration is not necessary to make a payment on an invoice or assessment.
  • ACH Credit– Taxpayers making e-payments via ACH Credit must be pre-approved by ADOR. To register, complete and submit Form EFT: EFT Authorization Agreement Form.
  • Alabama Interactive– The Department will accept e-payments for estimated payments through Alabama Interactive. Visit Tax Estimation. 
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