Where do I start?

  • Click the Home link to go to the summary page you see when you first sign in.
  • To edit a customer level address:
    • Click the Names and Addressestab from the customer springboard.
    • Find the Customer Names & Addresses
  • To edit an account level address:
    • Go to the Accounts tab and click the applicable account (i.e. Business Privilege Tax).
    • Click the Names and Addressestab from the account springboard.
    • Find the Account Names & Addresses

What do I do?

View an address

  • Click an address to view it.

Edit an address

  • Click the Edit
  • Update the address fields.
  • Click the Verify Address link to check that it is a valid address. This step is mandatory
  • Click the Select link next to the verified address (if applicable).
  • When finished, click the Submit button to submit the request.
  • A confirmation message appears. Click the Print Confirmation button to print the page, or click OK to continue.